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Dyslexia-SpLD Trust

Recently, we made three video case studies for the Dyslexia-SpLD trust to illustrate the impact of particular interventions on the progress and attainment of children with literacy difficulties.


Tideway School, Partnership for Literacy project – a sustainable whole school model.

Partnership for Literacy shows how Tideway School in Newhaven built on Dyslexia Action’s ‘Partnership for Literacy’ project to provide timetabled, targeted support for pupils with literacy difficulties


Helen Arkell teaching assistant courses – effective implementation in the classroom.

Helen Arkell Teaching Assistant Courses show how, after attending three short courses at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, an HLTA at Collingwood College was able to improve support for pupils with dyslexia and other co-occurring difficulties.


Cornwall Local Authority – demonstrating best practice across a whole authority.

Cornwall Council shows how the work of the Cornwall Dyslexia Service has improved outcomes for pupils with dyslexia across the local authority.