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nasen (The National Special Educational Needs Association)

The Outstanding Schools Project

In 2014, we made a series of videos featuring outstanding practice for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities in 7 educational settings.

Lymehurst Day Nursery, Greater Manchester

Inclusion: Working with parents
Staff and parents at Lymehurst Day Nursery talk about how the nursery works with families to include children with SEN and disabilities and to support the emotional needs of children and their families.

You can see all our Lymehurst Day Nursery videos here: Lymehurst Day Nursery, Greater Manchester


Camberwell Park Special School, North Manchester

Working in partnership – Blake
Blake, who is in Year 6, has profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and complex health needs. In his special school and at home, Blake is at the centre of a multi-agency team, which supports his needs and enables him to achieve and make progress. In this clip, Blake’s carer, school staff and his physiotherapist explain why it is important that everybody works together in Blake’s best interest.


Promoting positive behaviour – Jaden (radio programme)

Jaden, a looked-after child, is in Year 6 at a special school. In this radio-style programme, staff, foster carers, classmates and Jaden himself explain how everyone has worked together to help Jaden change his behaviour so that he can learn and make progress.

You can see all our Camberwell Park videos here: Primary special school, North Manchester


Frederick Bird Primary School

Working with outside agencies: Psychologists
Frederick Bird Primary School is a mainstream school in Coventry. In this video, Natalie Franklin-Hackett, Assistant Headteacher for inclusion and SENCO, explains why her school decided to employ an educational psychologist and a clinical psychologist directly, and the impact this has had on staff and pupils. The psychologists explain how they work, and a class teacher comments on the benefits for her practice and, therefore, for the children she teaches.

You can see all our Frederick Bird videos here:Frederick Bird Primary School, Coventry


Finham Park School, Coventry

Working with teaching assistants
Finham Park School is a mainstream secondary school in Coventry. Support for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) is led and coordinated by staff in the Personalised Learning Centre (PLC). They ensure that teachers, teaching assistants and other professionals work closely together so that pupils with SEND are included in mainstream classes and receive the support they need to make good progress. This video features the provision that is in place for Hassan, a pupil with a vision impairment, and the difference it makes to him. Pauline Parkes, inclusion manager and SENCO, explains how the school deploys its team of teaching assistants.


Personalising provision and raising attainment
In this film staff, students and a parent explain how a personalised programme of support has enabled, Cameron, a year 8 pupil with ASD and dyslexia, to learn and make progress.


Promoting positive behaviour
Wilf joined the school in Year 9 on a managed transfer after being permanently excluded from another school following a behaviour incident. In this film Wilf, who is now in the 6th form and studying for his A levels, his mother and staff at Finham Park School discuss the strategies that have helped Wilf to control his anger, learn and make progress.

You can see all our Finham Park videos here: Finham Park School, Coventry


Guiseley School, Leeds

Nurture Groups
Staff, pupils and parents at Guiseley School, a mainstream secondary school in Leeds, testify to the impact of nurture provision in Years 7 and 8, and ongoing support in Year 9, on pupils’ confidence, independence and academic attainment.

You can see all our Guiseley School videos here: Guiseley School, Leeds


Swanwick Hall School, Derbyshire

Swanwick Hall, a mainstream secondary school in Derbyshire, has not excluded a pupil for four years. In this film, staff explain how a whole school approach to promoting positive behaviour has reduced low level disruption, and how appropriate additional provision and a personalised approach has enabled students with more challenging behaviour to overcome their difficulties, stay in school, learn and achieve.

You can see all our Swanwick Hall videos here: Swanwick Hall School, Derbyshire


Lakes College Cumbria

Supporting transition between school and college
This video features students with special educational needs and disabilities from West Lakes Academy. The Academy and Lakes College work together to provide a transition programme designed to reduce anxiety and build students’ confidence. The differentiated curriculum at Lakes College and the range of support available help to ensures that students feel confident, safe and able to learn and make progress.

You can see all our Lakes College videos here: Lakes College and West Lakes Academy, Cumbria

Covering live events

For the last two years Atomic Productions has covered nasen’s oversubscribed conferences to make them available to a wider audience.

Working constructively with emotionally distressed children – Aqualma Murray, Young Minds – nasen Live 2014


Strategies to support effective working memory – Tricia Murphy – nasen Live 2014

All the nasen events we have filmed can be seen here: Nasenonline

Promotional videos

Promotional video for nasen Live 2015