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Provided by BusyView

Our approach


Our planning is meticulous.  Through working closely with you, we enter the production process knowing exactly what we need to capture and how it will be used in the final product.



We  involve you at every stage of the production process.



One of the key factors in achieving quality is preparation. All locations are visited by the producer (Annie Grant) before filming to ensure that we get the most out of filming and that, as a result, your product that is of the highest possible quality.


The shoot

We are a small team who have worked together for many years. All members are CRB checked.
We aim to offer the very best value for money from shoot days and specialise in producing sets of complementary assets – video, audio, photographs – from our shoots.



We have the confidence to let practitioners and other stakeholders speak for themselves – we think this is the most powerful way of getting messages across, especially where those messages are intended to inspire others and to change practice. We can, however, include a professional voice-over if required.

We focus on presenting your message, through the soundtrack and pictures we use.  These are chosen to complement and enhance each other. Our team includes a composer and we often use music to add atmosphere.